What is 30 Day Price Guarantee?

30 Day Price Guarantee offers Dealsmate members a guarantee that if the advertised price of their product drops at either Dealsmate or an approved competitor within 30 days of their purchase, they have the option to claim 120% of the difference back as a discount voucher.

How do I make a Concierge 30 Day Price Guarantee claim?

To make a 30 Day Price Guarantee claim, you must lodge a claim by sending email to within 30 days of your purchase date. Evidence of the lower advertised price must be provided at the time the claim is made and include the date of the advertisement. You can simply supply a screenshot or attach an image of the lower price to validate your Price Guarantee claim. We will verify the price is current and that the item is available for immediate sale and delivery.

Are there any sales exclusions?

30 Day Price Guarantee claims are not available for advertising errors or misprints, verbally negotiated prices, promo code and discounts. Also 30 day Price Guarantee claims are not available for percentage off and other sales events offered by Dealsmate

Products from the approved competitor list (below) for which a claim is made, must be the same brand and model and offer a warranty issued by the manufacturer which is applicable in Australia. The price must be in Australian dollars and include all fees, taxes or other charges such as shipping.

Not all the products are eligible for 30 Days Price Gurantee Program. The product which are eligible forr 30 days price guarantee will have a button on the product page mentioning "30 DAYS PRICE GUARANTEE"

Approved Competitors

  • Ebay
  • Catch
  • Amazon
  • MyDeals
  • Other major retailers